Modelling participants: shallow and selective reasoning about participants in research ethics – seminarium

Serdecznie zapraszamy na seminarium „Modelling participants: shallow and selective reasoning about participants in research ethics”, które poprowadzi Kamiel Verbeke, doktorant KU Leuven, aktualnie przebywający z wizytą w Zakładzie Filozofii i Bioetyki. 

Seminarium (w języku angielskim)  odbędzie się 23.02.2023 r. o godz. 12:00 w trybie on-line (via MS Teams).

Link do spotkania: >>> 

Abstract (in ENG):

Research ethics literature and policies gather and produce information that serves as input for the decision-making about research ethics practice. Thus: information guides moral decision-making, which is in turn leads to good practice in research. For the ethics of deceiving research participants, a similar logic permeates literature and policies. During this presentation, I will argue that such information is, however, not sufficient to improve research ethics practice. I will build on the research ethics of deception to argue that despite the presence of comprehensive information and guidance, moral decision-making does not consistently lead to the desired results. As an alternative, several “good reasoning procedures” or heuristics are proposed to complement the informational input in the pursuit of good research ethics practice.