Dr hab. Marcin Waligóra, prof. UJ

fot. Jacek Taran

Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Bioethics



Professor and Vice Dean at the Faculty of Health Science, Jagiellonian University. Former Harvard Fulbrighter (Center for Bioethics 2017/18). He directs Research Ethics in Medicine Study Group (REMEDY).

His research centers on ethics of pediatric trials and a novel research design.

Marcin Waligora is principal investigator in several grants funded by the European Commission and the National Science Center.

He was awarded the Fulbright Senior Award (2017) and scholarships from the Ministry of Science (2014), The NIH-Fogarty (2009), The Nippon Foundation (2006), Kogutowska Fund (2005), The International Academy of Philosophy (2005).

He received PhD in philosophy from Jagiellonian University (2007). He also graduated from the NIH-Funded Program in Research Ethics (2012) and the Leadership Academy for Poland (2018).

Waligóra teaches courses on research and medical ethics at Jagiellonian University Medical College and serves as an ethics advisor for several programs and institutions.

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