mgr Tomasz Krawczyk


Master of Psychology, PhD candidate at the Department of Philosophy and Bioethics JUMC, member of the REMEDY

A graduate of the Institute of Applied Psychology of the Jagiellonian University

A research assistant in the project “Deception by design. Characteristics and acceptability of research strategies that intentionally mislead research participants”

Within the PhD project he analyses the ethical issues of engaging underrepresented groups in research, at example of Deaf people

His research interests are in Deaf studies, research ethics, minority epistemologies and participatory research




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Verbeke, K., Krawczyk, T., Baeyens, D., Piasecki, J., & Borry, P. (2022). Assessing the acceptability of individual studies that use deception: A systematic review of normative guidance documents. Accountability in Research, 1–23.

Verbeke, K., Krawczyk, T., Borry, P., Baeyens, D., & Piasecki, J. (2022) Guidelines for researchers and research ethics committees on the use of deceptive methods in research: a systematic review. PROSPERO, CRD42022302967, Available from:

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Krawczyk, T. (2021). Dlaczego delfiny mają tak duże mózgi, czyli co nieco o ewolucji mózgu u zębowców. (Why dolphins have such large brains, or a little bit about the evolution of toothed whales) [popular science paper] Link: