Lecture of Professor Jonathan Kimmelman

We invite you for a lecture of Jonathan Kimmelman, PhD, James McGill Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Visiting Professor at Faculty of Health Sciences, UJ CM

The lecture will be held on Wednesday 15 June 2022 at 12:00 – Cracow, Gronostajowa Street 7 (III Campus UJ, WBBiB), room P1.2

Ethical and Policy Issues with Individualized Clinical Trials   

Recent years have witnessed growing interest and utilization of “individualized clinical trials”- that is, trials testing precision medicine therapies where patients are used as their own controls. In this talk I will describe the basic scientific principles behind individualized clinical trials. I will then explain various ethical and policy challenges in implementing individualized clinical trials, arguing that such studies maintain traditional tensions between research and care, and that individualized clinical trial methods, as currently implemented, present nontrivial validity threats and ethical challenges.  

Bio of Prof. Kimmelman: >>>

Willing to participate are requested to send an email to the following address: jozef.dulak@uj.edu.pl